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Contracting firm

Meijers Loonbedrijf (contracting firm) specializes in mechanical cultivation processes for the propagation of asparagus plants, leek plants, and strawberry plants as well as the complete cultivation of leeks. In the case of leek cultivation, we can perform all tasks for you up to and including harvesting.

In addition, we have extensive experience with other types of crops, soil types, and harvesting methods. Our experienced and expert employees can assist you with:

  • Digging: 0 to 55 cm deep for leeks, asparagus, tree nurseries, sports field improvement, and a variety of crops
  • Punching: leek planting holes
  • Sowing: with 'mini-air' for leeks, asparagus plants, carrots, chicory, fennel, Chinese cabbage, etc.
  • Hoeing/grubbing: leeks and various other crops, at row distances of 60 and 75 cm
  • Earthing up: leeks at row distances of 60 and 75 cm 
  • Rotary cultivator: row tilling for leeks, asparagus planting, and courgettes
  • Fertilizer application: granular artificial fertilizer and liquid row fertilization (e.g. CULTAN injection fertilization)
  • Lifting: leeks, asparagus plants, various perennial plants 


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.