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Meijers Planten is a family-run business that has been based in Posterholt in the south of the Netherlands for more than 25 years. From here, Meijers Planten serves clients all over Europe. For clients, Posterholt is very easy to reach via various routes and airports in the region.

We cultivate our plants on high-lying sandy soils in the southern province of Limburg, in which the soil composition and structure are optimum for the good initial growth of plants. It is an ideal, fertile soil for the optimum cultivation of strawberry plants, asparagus plants, and leek plants.

Soil quality, climate, high-quality initial materials, and years of experience guarantee superior, vigorously growing plants. All this makes Meijers Planten a reliable partner for professional growers.

With a well-appointed fleet of machinery, Meijers Loonbedrijf offers valuable support for fellow growers where soil cultivation, sowing, and harvesting of plant materials and various end products are concerned. In the case of leek cultivation, we can take care of all tasks for you up to and including harvesting.

The entrepreneurs

The company Meijers Planten is run by the Meijers family. In 1985, René Meijers set up as an independent entrepreneur with a number of standard horticultural crops including leeks and asparagus. Thanks to good personal contact with other growers in the region, the company's additional venture Meijers Loonbedrijf began offering to perform various tasks for them. Thanks to his professional expertise and experience, René Meijers quickly gained the confidence of fellow growers, and they began to ask him to produce leek plants and asparagus plants for them. That was the start of the Meijers Planten B.V. plant nursery in Posterholt. It wasn't long before strawberry plants were added to the range, and with great success. More and more buyers are making the very conscious decision to turn to Meijers Planten for advice, high-quality products, and great service. Meijers Planten offers a great basis for top-level results.