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The quality of strawberry plants is a strong determining factor for the eventual harvest. For our strawberry plant production, we devote great attention to soil quality, health, and hygiene during tasks that need to be performed promptly. More and more strawberry growers are experiencing the benefits of this.

We will guide you in choosing the right strawberry variety to suit your business and soil type. If you have any questions about strawberry plants, please feel free to contact us.

Strawberry plants

We are currently propagating strawberry plants of the variety Elsanta.

Elsanta produces a very firm and robust strawberry with a good flavour and a fairly strong aroma. Due to the plant type, the very high productivity, the firmness and robustness, and the good shelf life of the fruits, the variety is extremely well suited to the needs of the grower and the trade. Elsanta is used in large parts of Europe in all kinds of cultivation situations, indoors and outdoors, but it is difficult to force strongly.

In the variety Elsanta, we can now offer you the following plants:

Fresh plants - size 1-2 leaves
  - size 3-4 leaves
Frigo plants
  - size A      12-15 mm      
  - size A+    15-18 mm
  - size A++   >18 mm


If you are interested in other varieties of strawberry plants, we can of course propagate those for you.